Aims, Values and Vision

At Pitcheroak we offer a differentiated, exciting and creative curriculum which is relevant, broadly based, inclusive and designed to promote personalised learning opportunities.  The learning environment we create is challenging, yet supportive, safe and nurturing.  Pupils are taught in a positive atmosphere of recognition where each pupil’s individuality and talents are celebrated and encouraged.  Everyone in the school strives to develop a community of mutual respect and trust regardless of culture and background. We offer a personalised learning journey that maximises the potential of our pupils so that they mature into adults who can contribute and be part of their community achieving personal fulfilment. 

At Pitcheroak we aim to:

  • Encourage all pupils to enjoy, learn and achieve personal success by igniting a passion for learning. (CONFIDENCE)
  • Provide an engaging environment where pupils are valued, feel safe and are encouraged to make healthy choices. (WELL-BEING)
  • Support all pupils to develop their full potential in order to become lifelong learners and contribute to society. (LIFELONG LEARNERS)
  • Prepare pupils and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge required for life beyond school in order to lead a rich and independent lifestyle. (INCLUSION)
  • Provide all pupils with knowledge skills and understanding appropriate to their individual stage of development. (INDEPENDENCE)
  • Enable all pupils to develop a moral set of values that promotes honesty, respect, trust, courage and empathy both in school and in the wider community. (RESPECT)
  • Promote positive partnerships between pupils, parents/carers, community users, multi-professionals and the school. (TEAMWORK)
  • Ensure that there is equality of opportunity for all pupils that celebrates cultural diversity. (EQUALITY)

Vision Statement

We will be a centre of excellence that provides a high-quality, needs led, balanced education for all. We will share our expertise to promote awareness, social integration and tolerance within the wider community. We will effectively support learner development in the areas of communication, cognition, emotional well-being and personal and social development. We will respect and recognise the contributions and achievements of all learners as individuals in a safe and caring environment to secure better outcomes so that they can meet their full potential and prepare them for their futures.Pitcheroak Governing Body (January 2022)